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Emulator vs. Phone Empty Emulator vs. Phone

Post  javafan on Mon Sep 24, 2007 5:06 am

I have recently come across differences between the Motorola emulator and a real Motorola V525. Strangely enough, my midlet runs on the phone, but not in the emulator.

In the emulator, I get an OutOfMemoryError when half way through loading my images, but on the real phone, all is well. The emulator seems to be allocating space for images on the heap, but the phone is not.

Is the point of the manufacturers' emulators not to more closely match the behaviour of the real devices? If there can be huge differences like this, what is the point?

Is testing on loads of real handsets the only way to be sure of anything? Is it reasonable to claim compatibility with a particular phone model if your game works in that emulator, but you have not tried it on the real device? Do manufacturers have any responsibility to make emulators behave like real devices or do they have disclaimers in the SDK license agreements?

Any insights into these issues would be very much appreciated.

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Emulator vs. Phone Empty Re: Emulator vs. Phone

Post  guantana on Mon Sep 24, 2007 10:43 pm


I appreciate you for taking such type of initiative. I completely agree that emulators are far from real device emulation. They never assure that the application will run on actual device.

I think this is the reason that all phone manufacturers release phone-debuggers along with phone emulation. Emulation provides you fast development but when it comes to test on actual device, phone debuggers are best.

Motorola provides a Midway tool for real time debugging for all its phone that has MOTO OS. Please note, this tool does not work for moto's linux phones.


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